June 26, 2014My name is Daphne and I’m from Calgary, AB Canada. Since adulthood I have fought with my weight. I’d lose and gain again and again. I was so frustrated. But the diets I was on I just couldn’t sustain, I couldn’t eat like that long term.
Last summer my oldest son got married. I had a great day and looked the best I could. But, when I looked at the wedding pictures after, I knew something had to change.
That’s when I saw a picture of a friend of mine. She looked fantastic! She had lost 110 lbs. When I asked her how she had done it, she told me about Gastric Sleeve surgery. In fact she had such success that her husband had just had the surgery done in Tijuana with Dr. Daniel Huacuz. She sang the praises of the clinic staff, the doctors and the process. I figured I needed to take a look at this myself. Testimonial-Dr-Huacuz
I started communicating with Rosy at the clinic. She patiently answered every question I had. Gave me all the information I needed and if she wasn’t sure, she would check with the doctor. I always felt like I was getting a well thought out and informed answer. She was friendly and helpful every step of the way. My husband and I went away for a vacation around that time and so we took the time to really talk about whether this was for me or not, we decided that this was a great answer for my weight problems.
So, I contacted Rosy once again and we got the ball rolling. We scheduled my surgery for Sept. 17. I weighed 235 lbs. 10 days prior to the surgery I was on the liquid diet. I had questions even through that and they were answered promptly.
On September 17 I was picked up in San Diego by a very courteous and helpful driver. He drove us (my sister joined me) to the clinic. I filled in the necessary forms and was off to the hospital. The hospital staffs took blood, hooked me up to an IV, checked my temp, pulse, blood pressure and were very professional. I was in good hands. My blood pressure went up due to the stress, so I was given something to bring it down.
Doctor Huacuz was so good! He answered all my questions, was so patient and caring. I felt so reassured. My sister is in the medical field and she asked him a ton of questions regarding my meds, care and procedure and he answered all of them until she had peace of mind. They took me to surgery and I woke up a few hours later. Apparently my blood pressure went up, but the doctor kept me in and monitored me closely until I was good to be moved to recovery. I spent the next two days in the hospital with the doctor and Rosy visiting me a couple of times a day. I was very cared for. I was encouraged to walk and the nurses explained all the meds I was getting.
On the third day I was moved to a beautiful hotel where the doctor came to see me again. They were very conscientious of my after care.
I was given antibiotics, pain killers and tons of after surgery literature. Then I was back home to AB. By the 4th day I was starting to walk more by the end of the week I was doing quite well.
I would recommend this process and Dr. Huacuz to anyone. 85 lbs is my goal loss, I have lost 70lbs so far. I won’t say it’s been a breeze – it’s been a journey. But, it’s been the easiest weight loss I’ve ever done. And, I know that because of how I achieved it, it’s for life. Best of luck to anyone considering this!

— at Calgary, AB Canada.


My name is Coty Jorgensen. I am writing to let the world know of my incredible experience with Dr. Huacuz and the rest of the staff I dealt with! Everything and everyone was wonderful!

Just like any normal human being, I was worried about this surgery. Even more so because it was being done in Mexico. I was not sure what to expect. And I was worried that I would have serious communication barriers, as I do not speak Spanish.coty-gastric Sleeve

From the moment I got there, everyone and everything was completely professional! The people were nice and very helpful! Dr. Huacuz and his lovely sidekick Rossy were beyond what I had expected! Every question and need was addressed immediately! My surgery went smooth! I was done at about 8:30 and up walking around by 1:00!

My recovery has been easy for me. It almost seems like it has been too easy even! I saw all the horror stories on the internet of surgeries gone bad, and mine has been nothing like that! It has been 3 weeks to the day and I am down 26lbs and comfortable! Not a single issue! And I have not had any pain since the first week!

I strongly recommend Dr. Huacuz and his team to anyone interested in having any weight loss surgery done! He and Rossy make you feel at ease! And I have nothing but respect for them! I would do it again in a heartbeat! I am open to questions anyone may have! You can contact me at hushix1@aol.com! I am honest and tell it like it is!


Coty :-)



casandra-testimonial-dr-huacuzMy name is Cassandra Chambers and I’m 23 I had my gastric sleeve with Dr. Huacuz February 15 2013. From the beginning the patient coordinator rosy was amazing, she was always there to answer any questions that I had and reassured me throughout the process.

Getting into Mexico was no big deal. The hospital is in an area that is not what you think it’s going to look like. Its looks just like the states. The day of my surgery the Dr. came in to go over the surgery with myself and my mom and aunt who came with me.

Prior to meeting the Dr., Rosy really hyped him up and I was like ok come on this guy can’t be that great. Wrong he is perfect… he was so nice explained everything until we all understood what was going to happen. After surgery I was in a little pain and the nurses were super attentive more than I’ve ever seen in the states.

The Dr. also stayed with me the entire time after I woke up from surgery until I was comfortable. He helped me walked (you are in a very weird position during surgery so your back is in extreme pain when you wake up.) he was amazing. It has been a month and I lost 58 pounds so far. I would recommend Dr. Huacuz to anyone who wants to change their lives because he definitely changed mine.