All of our procedures includes: Transportation from/to the San Diego Airport to our hospital and to the Five stars Hotel and back to the airport after you recovery, as well as:

  • Pre-Operatory Tests
  • Nutritional Evaluation
  • Cardiologist Evaluation
  • Hospital Fees
  • Surgeons’ Fees
  • Anesthesiologist Fees
  • Post-surgery evaluation including X-Rays
  • Medication during your staying and to take home
  • Ground Transportation

This Package includes a discount percentage on any surgery you may have with us after this first procedure, as well as for your family.

Arriving to Tijuana

Upon arrival to San Diego international airport (Lindbergh airfield), you will be greeted by our driver at the arrivals exit. You will be taken to our center to fill out your paperwork then to your pre-op medical evaluations: blood work, E.K.G. and a respiratory function test. You will be meeting with the cardiologist who will review your health history and ask you some questions; also You Will meet Our Surgeon he will talk to you before surgery and explain you the post-op instructions and your new food diet.


Following the admittance to the hospital, you will be prepped in your own suite where our internist will meet you again and perform a respiratory function test. E.K.G
Our Surgeons will meet you and explain you all the questions that you have any last minute questions that you may have your companion can be with your until you wait your turn to be taken to the O.R. and stay the night with you. Recovery varies with every patient, it could be one to two hours, after you are taken to walk the aisle, a little discomfort may be experienced, reason why, you are given pain medication.


The morning after the patient is usually recovered (some may even recover the same day of the procedure), has walked enough, taken a shower and ready to go back to normal activity.
After you are done with the surgery, you will be taken to the designated five stars hotel, the Lucerna Hotel, where you (and your companion) can enjoy the amenities such as: awarded restaurants, walk the surroundings, enjoy the pool or spa or simply enjoy your stay. You may continue the pre-op diet as indicated by our doctor.

Part of the first step of the new food habit diet is to start with clear liquids, so you may order these at your hotel, such as clear broths, juices or tea.
You may stay another day at the hotel to enjoy the beautiful weather, if you notice any immediate change please notify our coordinator.
You will be contacted at the hotel to let you know about your pick up to take you back to the airport. The first fill adjustment is recommended within 6-8 weeks after the surgery, you may search for provider within your area.

Let one of our financing experts review your personal information and procedure selections, and put together a financing package tailored to your individual needs.