With the emergence of several weight loss procedures, surgical and non surgical, losing weight through crash diets has lost its charm completely.  Lap band, duodenal switch, gastric sleeve, gastric band and other are some of the well known techniques to assist obese patients in losing weight within 12 months.

Nonetheless all procedures, surgical and nonsurgical, are accompanied with side effects and severe medical complications.  The degree of risk involved varies in each surgery.  No weight loss technique guarantees 100% success rate. Therefore it is recommended to evaluate the risk factor before the surgery is pursued.

Usually 5% of the patients who undergo gastric bypass surgery often experience mild side effects and 10% experience severe complications which indicates that their gastric bypass requires revision by the surgeon immediately before the problem aggravates.

Reasons for Gastric Bypass Failure:

If the patient fails to lose weight after undergoing Gastric bypass treatment this indicates the surgery has failed to achieve its goal.

The reasons for its failure can be divided into two categories:

  1. Mechanical
  2. Metabolic

Mechanical Causes:

Soft calorie disorder is a kind of mechanical cause that marks the failure of gastric bypass surgery. In this condition the patient’s stomach can only digest soft foods. Soft food diet has less fiber, is easy to chew and swallow.

Metabolic Causes:

Metabolic causes are severe medical conditions that gastric bypass patient might experience after the surgery. This includes dumping syndrome and ulcer. Revision surgery in this case is advisable.

Lap Band over Failed Gastric Bypass:

Lap band is one of the quickest and effective ways to bounce back from gastric bypass failure. If the patient fails to lose weight after gastric bypass surgery then the patient should opt for lap band as a revision surgery. It assists the patient in losing weight.

Instead of operating the gastric bypass again and making it worse, it is safe and simple to insert a lap band. It is fixed to the abdomen and keeps intact the opening of the stomach and the best part is that it can be adjusted without any surgery.

A lap band is made up of silicone and fixed on the top area of the stomach. It is easy to adjust unlike gastric bypass. It is just like a pouch which is filled with saline liquid. This tightens the lap band and helps in losing weight.

The results are phenomenal. The patient has less health risk, recovers faster and losses weight drastically. It is one of the effective techniques to overcome gastric bypass failure.