Obesity is ranked as one of the fastest growing diseases in the world. Around one third of the population of the United States of America is suffering from obesity.  Ground breaking discoveries have been made to combat this disease. Innovative procedures and treatments are now available to reduce weight and control obesity.

This includes both kinds of methods: surgical and non surgical. Some of the most popular treatments to date are Gastric Sleeve, Gastric bypass, Lap band, Duodenal switch and more. All of these procedures are carried out on obese patients and assists them in weight loss.

It is advised that the patient who wants to pursue weight loss surgery should first get in touch with a medical expert to discuss risk factors, side effects and complications involved. This will allow the patient to have a better understanding and choose the most suitable treatment.

Comparison between different weight loss studies is also advisable.

Duodenal Switch is Preferable over Gastric bypass:

According to a recent study it was found that duodenal switch is effective and far better option than gastric bypass.  Research shows that duodenal switch helps in greater weight loss than patients who opt for gastric bypass. Duodenal switch patients had greater decrease in their BMI as well.

Both surgeries are quite similar as both procedures have restrictive aspect and malabsorptive aspect but what makes it different is the framework of the treatment. As the anatomy of the treatment is different, the results and risk factor also varies.

Restrictive Element for Both Procedures:

In Duodenal switch treatment stomach’s curvature on the outside is cut and only a thin sleeve is left which is stapled to keep it intact. This allows the patient to eat well but less. It helps in reducing the patient’s food intake and thus the patient loses weight drastically.

As compared to duodenal switch, the restrictive aspect of Gastric Bypass is different.  Here a small bag is created on the upper area of the patient’s stomach. The lower area of the stomach is totally bypassed. This is also one of the reasons for the failure of gastric bypass techniques as it leads to the dumping disorder which can be life threatening.

Malabsorptive Element for Both Procedures:

This is the second stage in both the surgeries being discussed. It is performed because it helps in slowing the absorption of calories and controlling the patient’s weight.

Malabsorptive procedure is carried out differently in both surgeries. In duodenum switch the small intestine is arranged to split the bile and food channels while in the gastric bypass surgery the small intestine is re routed to remove the upper area of the duodenum.


Nonetheless selection for weight loss treatment should be done with experienced surgeons so that you don’t have to face complications after the surgery.