Gastric Bypass Revision Mexico

The gastric bypass surgery is one of the most widely administered bariatric procedures all over the world. People who are extremely obese or have health concerns that have led to excessive weight gain can benefit greatly from the gastric bypass surgery today. However, even though the surgery offers great weight loss results, sometimes the patient may not experience them completely. If a patient doesn’t get the necessary results in terms of weight loss then they will have to revisit their surgeon for the gastric bypass revision surgery in Mexico.

There are in total five different types of gastric bypass revision surgery in Mexico and each one of them has its own risks and levels of weight loss that can be achieved. It should be mentioned that the gastric bypass revision surgery is only performed in the event that the original gastric bypass surgery didn’t provide the expected results in terms of weight loss. Complications can happen in any surgery and every person has a different level in terms of the overall weight that they have lost after the surgery.

It is important to discuss undergoing the gastric bypass revision surgery in Mexico with your doctor and surgeon. This is because the revision surgery will reduce the size of your stomach pouch even further and this further minimizes the amount of food and drink that you can consume. It will also allow the stomach to hold the food for a longer duration so that you feel hungry less often and therefore will be able to undergo weight loss much more easily.

The majority of the people who chose to undergo the gastric bypass revision is because they have not achieved the desired weight loss results, which they had expected after undergoing the surgery. There may be several different reasons why that may be the case and these include the following:

  • Not following the regular diet plan
  • Not keeping up with the exercise routine
  • Genetic factors
  • Other reasons

Gastric bypass revision surgery may also be required for people who have experienced internal complications due to the surgery or the original surgery was not performed in the right manner. There are lots of different ways in which your doctor can identify if you require the gastric bypass revision surgery in Mexico. The doctor will decide if you are a suitable candidate for the revision surgery after looking at your diet plan and exercise routine. This means that the doctor will perform certain tests on you and ask you some questions regarding your surgery and the results that you are expecting in terms of weight loss.

The tests that your doctor will perform in order to determine if you require gastric bypass revision in Mexico are the following:

  • Endoscopy
  • Upper GI
  • Eating Test

There are mainly five different types of gastric bypass revision surgeries that your doctor may administer you after testing you. These revision surgeries are the following:

  • Shrinking the stoma
  • Lap Band surgery
  • Reduce the pouch size
  • Lengthening the Roux Limb
  • Duodenal switch

These gastric bypass revision surgery procedures in Mexico will provide you with the expected weight loss results with minimal risks.