Dr Huacuz Bariatric Surgeon in Mexico

When it comes to bariatric surgeons, Dr. Daniel Huacuz is a name renowned for his proficiency, dedication and prowess in the field. With a graduate degree from University of Michoacán, Mexico in General Medicine and a post doctoral degree on General Surgery from General Hospital of Tijuana and Laparoscopic Surgery and, he has more than [...]

Why is Gastric Sleeve An Excellent Surgery for Obese Patients?

For people who are dealing with obesity, the gastric sleeve operation is deemed as the best answer to their problems, since it takes care of the situation once and for all and there are no recurrences. The gastric sleeve operation is a procedure which removes a part of the stomach of a person. There has [...]

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Gastric Bypass Revision Mexico

Gastric Bypass Revision Mexico The gastric bypass surgery is one of the most widely administered bariatric procedures all over the world. People who are extremely obese or have health concerns that have led to excessive weight gain can benefit greatly from the gastric bypass surgery today. However, even though the surgery offers great weight loss [...]

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What are the Advantages of The Gastric Sleeve?

One of the most popular weight loss surgeries right now, is undoubtedly the gastric sleeve surgery, which has become an incredibly viable option for people in comparison with other similar surgeries. So what makes this surgery so popular? Well the gastric sleeve surgery is one, where at least 60% of your stomach will actually be [...]

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