Why Choose Weight Loss Revision Surgery

Weight loss revision surgery is defined as any surgery undertaken after bariatric surgery and is mostly performed upon people suffering from obesity. Obesity is and can be a terrible affliction, many people are unable to lose weight through exercise or have difficulty keeping weight off. For them, being overweight can cause life threatening diseases.

The most common modes of weight loss revision surgery are the adjustable gastric band and the sleeve gastrectomy. In adjustable gastric band surgery, the top portion of the stomach is crowned with an inflatable prosthetic ring to control the consumption of food in the stomach and ultimately treat obesity.

In sleeve gastrectomy, the surgery usually involves the removal of a large portion of your stomach. The remaining segment is re sculptured to become sleeve shaped or tube like. This restructuring of the stomach causes the patient to experience a sense of decreased hunger which often leads to improved hunger and health.

Choosing either of the procedures is a risky option because you can either benefit from the surgery or suffer very badly due to the side effects caused by this operation; therefore it is of the utmost importance to choose a renowned surgeon.

Dr. Daniel Huacuz is a renowned surgeon specializing in the field of Laparoscopic surgery and is a certified medical doctor situated in Mexico.  Dr. Huacuz knows the dangers and complications attached to the procedure. Having such deep insight about the surgery, he takes the utmost care to ensure that patients suffer from minimum or no side effects of the surgery.

The sincere care he provides and dedicates to his patients has earned him a reputation. Having 10 years of experience in the gastric sleeve procedure and gastric bypass has earned him the reputation of being the only one capable enough in Mexico to perform duodenal switch laparoscopic surgery.