Adjustable Gastric Banding is a simple operation for the treatment of obesity, which is very attractive because of its reversibility. However it is the operation that most have to put the patient on his side, and “can give” worse long-term outcome: 40-50% loss of excess weight. Up to 40% of patients recover much of the lost five years) weight.

It was a widely used until the appearance of the gastric tube operation, which has almost completely displaced by its great advantages operation.

Currently we recommended in patients where the reversibility can be an advantage (eg, a teenager who can still grow and change their behavior with food) or very operative risk patients, by the technical simplicity of this operation.

The operation was performed by laparoscopy minimally invasive. Takes about 60 minutes, and postoperative discomfort is minimal In fact, if the patient if desesa can return home the same evening of the operation, although usually they release the hospital in the morning after the operation (24 hours of income). Return to a normal life in 7 days. 6 weeks intensive exercise.

Patients must have a BMI between 35 and 40, and not be peckers and / or sweet eaters. Patients should change their dietary habits and lifestyle.