Gastric Bypass Revision Surgery.

Many patients, who have undergone a gastric bypass, may require a gastric bypass revision in order to deal with certain complications which have developed after the surgery. The chances of you needing a revision surgery after gastric bypass are low, but it still pays to be on the safe side and know all about it. There are basically two medical reasons why people choose to undergo the revision gastric bypass surgery, and they are:
Failing to lose the desired amount of weight, which they had calculated they would lose after the surgery.
Some medical condition or complication which happened after the bypass, either due to a metabolic reason or a mechanical reason.
When figuring out the problems, it is important to take the eating habits and patterns of a person into account, since most people have no idea about the amount of calories which they are consuming on a daily basis, and expect to lose weight magically. The best way to get to the root of the problem is to look into the little details. Here are a number of reasons why people may develop problems after the surgery and require gastric bypass revision surgery.
Most people struggle to adapt to the eating schedule they have planned and may have problems with the diet.
Some people deal with genetically induced problems, which can’t be dealt with the surgery alone.
People may also have mechanical reasons as to why they require gastric bypass revision surgery. Most of these reasons revolve around complications that may be caused by the surgical procedure. Those problems are:

  • Gastro-Gastric Fistula
  • Pouch Dilation
  • Anastomotic Dilation
  • Gastro-Gastric Fistula

The gastro-gastric fistula can occur due to a pouch leak after the surgery, while inflammation caused by the leak, will allow any food you consume to be leaked from the pouch into the bypassed stomach. This requires revision surgery, so that the fistula may be closed and restore the original surgical gastric bypass pouch.

Pouch Dilation

Pouch Dilation is a medical condition that is caused when the stomach pouch enlarges and stretches out, causing a person to eat more than they should in order to achieve successful weight loss. Revision surgery is against required to re-trim the pouch to make it small again. There are other revision surgical procedures that are also helpful in restoring the pouch to its original size at the time of the surgery.
There are other medical issues that maybe caused as a result of the gastric bypass surgery, which include severe dumping syndrome, stricture, and marginal ulcer. Many of these conditions can be dealt with conservatively, but when all methods fail gastric bypass revision surgery is required to treat the medical issues in a safe and secure manner.