When it comes to bariatric surgeons, Dr. Daniel Huacuz is a name renowned for his proficiency, dedication and prowess in the field. With a graduate degree from University of Michoacán, Mexico in General Medicine and a post doctoral degree on General Surgery from General Hospital of Tijuana and Laparoscopic Surgery and, he has more than 10 years of experience in different bariatric surgeries. He specializes in Minimal Invasive Surgery such as Laparoscopic Surgery and Metabolic Surgery. He is also known to be the only surgeon in Mexico who is authorized to perform Duodenal Switch.

Dr. Huacuz was also actively involved with Rural Health Center providing professional social services. Apart from his post-doctoral degree, he was also involved in several training programs and conventions on topics that are related to obesity bariatric surgeries. Presently, Dr. Huacuz also passes on his knowledge to other aspiring surgeons by working as a Professor of Surgery at the University School of Medicine in Baja, California. He was also known for being the first surgeon who was approved by INAMED to use lap band.

Moreover, Dr, Huacuz is also a professional member of a number of renowned medical associations that include the American Society of Bariatric and Metabolic Surgeons, International Federation of Obesity Surgery, Medical Association of Endoscopic Surgeons, Medical Association of Baja California, Association of Bariatric Surgery in Mexico and Association of General Surgeons of Tijuana Baja California Mexico.
Dr, Huacuz specializes in various crucial surgeries including Laparoscopic Bariatric Surgery, Biliary Surgery, Hernia Surgery, Duodenal Switch Procedure, Gastrointestinal Metabolic Surgery, Gastric Bypass Surgery and Vertical Sleeve Gastrectomy. With his years of experience, his impressive and gentle manner, and the dedication he put into his work, he has made a reputation of being a trusted surgeon who can handle surgeries with absolute care and aptitude.

Since a surgery is a crucial medical procedure which can be turned dangerous if not handled carefully, you should only go for the best surgeon. By going to Dr. Daniel Huacuz, you ensure that you are placing yourself in good hands.